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Produce & Refrigerated Freight

We're experts at produce shipping and refrigerated freight.

Call Handy Freight Brokers whenever you have produce shipping or refrigerated load requirements. We've become a well-known and respected transporter of produce and refrigerated freight. Our diversified network of carriers can meet any unique requirements.

Produce Shipping

We know that our customers look to us to meet their produce shipping and refrigerated shipping needs. For your produce shipping, whether you are looking for an orange citrus shipper, Florida orange shippers, orange shippers, or citrus shippers, we can help with all your transportation needs.

We put all of our logistical strategic processes to work for our customers, and this makes our ongoing relationships with customers and carriers a necessary component in our everyday produce shipping and refrigerated freight logistical process.

Handy Freight Brokers have joined forces with America's top carriers in the refrigerated/frozen freight industry to help with your orange citrus shippers, Florida orange shippers, orange shippers, or citrus shippers. We strive to make the produce shipping world better for our customers.

When you choose Handy Freight Brokers for your refrigerated and produce shipping needs, we strive to provide you with an up to the minute detailed location as to where your freight shipment is at all times using our state of the art tracking systems. Our transportation specialists can give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your freight shipment.

Produce Shipping

The produce shipping and refrigerated freight industry only works when all components work together in a precise manner. Your company's loads are too important to leave to an unproven broker who has not specialized in this particular field. Our produce shipping and refrigerated-frozen freight specialists have moved a large number of loads like nthese. Give us a chance to prove to you how important produce shipping is to us. Orange citrus shippers, Florida orange shippers, orange shippers and citrus shippers all over the country trust us in all their transportation needs.

When you choose Handy Freight brokers for your refrigerated produce shipping needs. we will strive to provide you with an up to the minute detailed freight location of where your shipment is at all times. With our up to date tracking systems in play. Our transportation specialists can give you all the information you need to make truly informed decisions about your shipping needs. If it is produce shipping and you need orange citrus shippers, Florida orange shippers, orange shippers, or citrus shippers we can handle any and all transportation needs.

There has become an ongoing need for our customers needs for temperatures from 10 degrees below zero to heated loads at 85 degrees above zero. We have the capacity for even the most temperature sensitive shipments logistically needed today. From ice cream to pharmaceutical medical supplies to produce shipping. we have moved loads from one location to another with no loss of product in the Refrigerated/Frozen freight shipping field. If you need orange citrus shipping, Florida orange shipping, or just citrus shipping from anywhere in the United States or Canada we can solve your problems today.

We also have the capability to move baffled loads as well, in which separates a Frozen shipment from a not frozen load on the same trailer. When you call one of our refrigerated/frozen freight specialists, we'll give you the rate quote or decision-making assistance that you're seeking.

Produce Shipping

ABOUT US: Handy Freight Brokers is a commercial and residential freight broker serving the needs of domestic and international shippers from our offices located in Cedar Rapids,Ia. We are a Transportation based enterprise and have built our business on principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and trust in all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, freight handlers and employees. We provide a wide range of logistics management services and our motto is, “Any Load, Anywhere---with Superior Service!” An important element within our overall range of services is our ability to offer discounts to all of our customers, with savings through our strategic alliance with major freight shipping companies having extensive domestic and international logistics capabilities. All Handy Freight Brokers' shipments are transported by professional carriers licensed by the United States Department of Transportation and meet all regulatory standards. We will gladly provide “Fast & Accurate Rate Quotes” for any load and we believe that no load is too big or to handle. Please click on this link for a complete list of our freight movement services.

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Handy Freight Brokers is an experienced domestic and international freight brokerage and freight logistics company serving commercial and residential freight shippers with the motto, "Any Load, Any Size, Anywhere...for LESS!"

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